Innovation Speaker

Tulsi Tawari

Innovation requires an individual to pursue a path that consumes personal time, mind, and money. Only when complete solution is achieved, others reward or recognize. At times, one is even discredited or ridiculed. Such is the journey of innovation. But then like 'pain of creation' the journey can be most fulfilling internally, and remains the sole cause of man's evolution. Those who innovate are the truest of value-creators, deserving greatest of respect frrom society at large. My talk consists of ... presenting "science of wealth-creation", wherein innovation plays role of exponential-multiplier in human-time efficiency, defined as Quality-time-Quotient (QtQ). Distinction is being made between 'creating-value (CV)' and 'delivering-value(DV)'. the former relates with pioneering work that takes us from '0' to '1'; whereas the latter is expansion from '1' to 'whatever... Managing expansion gives money, so the confusion on relative importance. But the fact is... without CV, there cannot be any DV. One dollar of CV is of far greater value than 'Millions' of DV. Money therefore, has two forms: K-money & B-money. For instance, when JFK asked US to invest $10 bil on Man-on-the-Moon project, that was K-money. All the growth and trillions of dollars that we see today in forms of exponential-growth in technologies, all around us... is B-money, an outcome of innovations from "Man-on-the-Moon" project. The problem today is... people are enjoying the fruits of B-money, with little concern to plough back sufficient K-money in research and innovation in solving problems faced by man... energy, environment.... The challenge is... creating a critical-mass of innovators, who will reestablish supremacy of innovation over managing.... I see Idea-Connection as one such great initiative!

Tulsi Tawari's speaking engagements:

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