Problem Solver

Tunde Kallai

Tunde Kallai

Areas Tunde Kallai is Knowledgeable in:

open innovation, change management in ICT related domains, circular and green economy , green jobs

Techniques Tunde Kallai Uses:

I prefer to have hybrid solutions: face-to-face meetings, combined with online tutoring and consultancy, using self-assessment, competence code methodology.

Tunde Kallai's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. self-assessment
  2. brainstorming
  3. problem-solving

Tunde Kallai's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i have 18 years experiences in large ICT research projects: evaluation, review, management,
    i have 16 years experiences in innovation management (open innovation, change management)
    i have 10 years experiences in training and education as European certified startup adviser (2015).