Problem Solver

Ullrich Keller

Areas Ullrich Keller is Knowledgeable in:

protein expression
natural Compound biosynthesis and Microbiological production
Analysis of Immunophilins

Techniques Ullrich Keller Uses:

protein sequencing, Mass spectrometry, radiochemical analysis, enzymatic analysis. site-directed and random mutagenesis. development of screening systems for multiple purposes.

Ullrich Keller's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Screening systems, protein expression, protein pufication, protein production, Enzymatic analysis

Ullrich Keller's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I work since 30 years in the genetics and biochemistry of industrial microorganisms with a strong focus on natural compounds biosynthesis.
    Since then I have clarified the biosyntheses of a number of small microbial peptides with biological activity such as cyclosporin, actinomycin, quinoxaline antibiotics, ergot alkaloid peptides, phosphinothricin peptides, etc.I also have strong experience in molecular genetics, protein expression and structural analysis of multienzymes complexes.