Problem Solver

Vasant J. Bhide

Areas Vasant J. Bhide is Knowledgeable in:

Interested in Mechanical design of any type of machines ( even from conceptual stage ), and building the prototype for its evaliation ; testing rigs for testing mechanical components. Knowledeable areas : Theory of machines , Strength of materials, design of machine elements, vibrations, mechanisms, prime movers , mechanical transmissions, use of hydraulics / pheumatics required on machines,
PC interface when needed (

Techniques Vasant J. Bhide Uses:

Generally, 2~3 solutions to problem are created and the best to suit various aspects is finalized. During this the ' customer' is involved in the process which satisfies him most.

Vasant J. Bhide's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. To design and fabricate Testing Rigs for testing performance / endurance of mech. comp.

Vasant J. Bhide's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Rotary engine : Modification of Wankle engine replacing the critical toroidal combustion chamber by a simple circular chamber
  2. Camshaft profile grinding machine : Developed retrofit device to replace traditional set of templates used for copying cam profiles, by a software which uses the cam profile data. This avoids maintaining the huge set of templates for engines of each variety of brands and no of cylinders, gas, diesels etc.( cams each for inlet, exhaust valves , fuel pump ) , but needs only soft data to be stored..
  3. Produce your own energy:
    When a person is walking, the body weight is transferred from one foot to the other during each step. The idea is to recover some part of this energy. And for this , the device developed is a pair of modified shoes. It is a novel device, but simple in design, is not costly and not difficult to manufacture.It stores energy in 2 AA re-chrgeable batteries packed in the shoe heels.
  4. LOW COST ECO-FRIENDLY AIR CONDITIONER : In this novel design, the heat from one air stream is transferred, to another air stream, by a simple mechanism, so that both the warm & cool air sources are available simultaneously and separately without the use of ant refrigerant or heaters. Thus a single device alone can serve for both the purposes, either heating or cooling of the room as needed.
  5. Rear Guard for automobile : A device invented to avoid the vehicle sliding backwards when stopped during driving on upward slope during traffic jam ( with out the use of service brakes or parking brakes or putting the vehicle in gear ).
  6. Rotary grab hydraulic Forklift attachment : Devised an integral single unit to carry out 3 operations , rotating, grabbing, & side shifting, requiring a 3 T forklift to handle 2T cylindrical loads (e.g. paper roll ). This replaced the branded forklifts which used 3 separate attachments in tandem, requiring a 5 T Forklift to handle the same 2 T load due to longer 'arm length'.