Problem Solver

Wojciech Dinges

Wojciech Dinges

Areas Wojciech Dinges is Knowledgeable in:

transportation, IT, business, communication

Techniques Wojciech Dinges Uses:

searching analogies, brainstorming

Wojciech Dinges's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. finding and eliminating bottlenecks in industrial and design processes
  2. new organisation concepts
  3. creating unique IT and web based solutions
  4. creating multidisciplinary solutions

Wojciech Dinges's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. implementation of touchscreens for direct task and time reporting by workshop staff
  2. device increasing driver's safety on non-guarded rail-road level crossing
  3. extranet connecting distant service vendors and client in a railway transportation industry
  4. diagnostic solution to be used on smartphone platform