Problem Solver

Wouter Meulensteen

My unique way of dealing with problems on an integral level has a high probability of producing useful solutions.

Areas Wouter Meulensteen is Knowledgeable in:

conceptual logic, abstractions, complex interactive structures, interdisciplinary concepts

Techniques Wouter Meulensteen Uses:

The first step to creating solutions is to get a clear idea of the goal.
A comprehensive view of the problem area is neccesary to identify the true bottlenecks.
Once these are known it is important to unify interests of the parties involved, to get everybody to work together towards a solution.
Finallyt with proper feedback from participants it is possible to devise lasting solutions.
My role is to be an unbiased observer, taking the problem out of its context to come up with component~ and integral solutions that ultimately offer progress for all involved.

Wouter Meulensteen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Problem Solving

Wouter Meulensteen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. over the years i have provided solutions for business logic, organizational improvement, construction efficiency, network and computer management, publishing systems at any scale, business logic, organizational improvement