Problem Solver

Yousef Zawahreh

In addition to my scientific knowledge and analytical skills, I am a great communicator. I am adept at facilitating cross-discipline collaboration and solution finding. I integrate with ease into teams and am a fast learner, so I am able to contribute productively in a very short space of time. My tech scouting success is in part due to my diligence in ensuring all parties involved understand one another’s motivation, fulfil their own need and benefit in an equitable manner.

I am excited by the challenge of finding innovative solutions to sticky problems. If you have such a challenge, let’s talk…

Areas Yousef Zawahreh is Knowledgeable in:

IP mapping and validation
Technology scouting
Training and group facilitation

Yousef Zawahreh's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Experienced technology scout
  2. IP mapping and evaluation
  3. Technology validation

Yousef Zawahreh's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I led a team that reported on emerging and enabling technologies for multi-national food manufacturers, medium-large medical/biotech companies and FMCG firms.
  2. I led a team that designed and delivered training then facilitated building the technology scouting teams of 2 multi-national Clients.
  3. I found a way to avoid infringing a competitor's family of patents for a large FMCG firm. This is worth 10s of $M for my Client over the next 5 years.