Problem Solver

Yvonne Finlay

Yvonne Finlay
Make it easy, identify the main problem and systematically go through all options to meet desired outcomes. Be patient.

Areas Yvonne Finlay is Knowledgeable in:

Inter-personal communication. Identifying needs of individual based on verbal consultation and managerial assessment of said needs. Giving informed advice to support individuals chosen pathway.
Problem-solving approach to identify cause and effect of specific dilemma/problem and to offer solution to prevent further breakdown in service. Offer new options for undiscovered issues within given problem. Ongoing thought processing adopted to solve any problems highlighted, with the ethos of implementing an easy solution to ensure efficacy of recommend strategies etc.

Techniques Yvonne Finlay Uses:

Identify problem, investigate process that led up to the problem, source other methods to reach desired outcome and develop new processes to ensure optimal desired outcome. Identify resources available, implement new strategies and inform and educate staff to ensure compliance. Review new protocol etc to confirm suitability and success at a later date, make any noted improvements as required.

Yvonne Finlay's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Managerial and problem solving dilemmas. Health promotion and education.

Yvonne Finlay's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Work collectively with others, offer personal and professional insight.