Problem Solver

Abhinav Murali

Abhinav Murali

Areas Abhinav Murali is Knowledgeable in:

Nanotechnology, electronics engineering, electric vehicle, mechanical engineering, product development

Techniques Abhinav Murali Uses:

knowledge in Nanotechnology, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, product designing and programming

Abhinav Murali's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. nanotechnology
  2. mechanical engineering
  3. electronics product design
  4. energy harvesting and storage system development
  5. electric vehicle

Abhinav Murali's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i developed a nano material (graphene) based super capacitor for energy storage application. the research work got published in international journal "!divAbstract "
  2. i developed prototypes for electronic consumer products (Digital coin sorting machine with coin counting and dispensing feature with a user interface)
  3. i developed prototype of portable face massager with steamer head.
  4. i developed prototype of fuel cell (10 watts, hydrogen powered) for smartphone battery recharge.
  5. i developed prototype of metal air battery system for electric vehicles
  6. i developed robotic solutions for food processing industries. (pick and place, sorting, cutting, material weighing and counting)
  7. i developed systems for computer vision (face detection algorithms in MATLAB-OPENCV), parking assist, worker detection, etc)
  8. i developed android application for human lung performance monitoring. (using microphone as the sensor)
  9. i developed DC/DC converters and solar MPPT chargers
  10. i developed solidworks/ sketchup models for houses and mechanical projects.
  11. i worked with reverse engineering and formulation of an organic shoe polish.
  12. i developed hybrid nano photocatalyst for water purification
  13. i developed nano fiber producing machine for lab scale research. (electrospinning and forcepsinning)
  14. i developed DSSC solar cells based on TiO2 nano particles and nanowires (lab scale)
  15. i developed 3d printed scaffolds using bio degradable polymers for tissue engineering research
  16. i developed microfluidic apparatus for nano material separation.
  17. i developed hydroponic systems with electronic control (roof top system)
  18. i developed solar tracking systems for 50 watt panel.
  19. i developed electromagnetic based engines (conversion study of a petrol engine to electric)
  20. i developed portable hydrogen generator using nano materials (chemical production of hydrogen)
  21. i developed nano materials based fluids for cooling and refrigeration application.
  22. i developed electronic prototypes with wireless communication (wifi/bluetooth) and sensors (application : humidity/temp sensors, control system for laboratory equipments, electric motor controller, OBD2 systems, audio signal processing units, home automation kits etc.