Problem Solver

Abigail Cahoon

Areas Abigail Cahoon is Knowledgeable in:

Psychology, particularly experimental cognitive. Occupational psychology and health ergonomics. Biopsychology. Data collection, analysing data, writing up an argument that clearly explains both sides of the problem.

Techniques Abigail Cahoon Uses:

Organised meetings with Student Support in order to gain a sample pool of 700 dyslexic students. Created an online survey and distributed the survey via email. Gathered and analysed data in order to highlight the necessity for modified support, to potentially reduce the internalised stigma of those living with dyslexia and benefit their learning experience.

Abigail Cahoon's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Communication - I have the ability to explain and present my ideas to diverse audiences through written and oral communication.
  2. Biology - analysing experimental data, interpreting graphs
  3. Mental health - caring for children and teenagers with mental health issues, organising the most effective activity so that the
  4. Business - planning stratagies, solving problems fast and effectively
  5. Psychology - using SPSS to manipulate large sets of data, collected my own data set, wrote up reports based on my findings
  6. Geography - map reading
  7. Technical writing - I have expert skills on how to write excellent arguments

Abigail Cahoon's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. To bring about awareness of the internal stigma that dyslexic students entail throughout their lifetime, in order for dyslexic students to gain additional/modified support