Problem Solver

Adamid Beltran

Adamid Beltran

Areas Adamid Beltran is Knowledgeable in:

Agriculture, vehicles and amchinery mechanical, irrigation system, molecular biology

Techniques Adamid Beltran Uses:

Dried cachaza applied with machinery from a tractor
Increase of 300% of efficience in process to reproduction
Fruit losses of Dragon fruit was decreased tu using technology
Sick trees producing fruit of first quality in 2° year, after years do not ripening

Adamid Beltran's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Researcher in fruit crop, Trained in molecular biology to detect fitoplasma and molecular caracterization

Adamid Beltran's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I built big shaker of molasses waste from sugar cane to use in organic crop
    I developed a litle artefact to cut stalks of pineapple to faster reproduction
    I developed tech to protect Dragon Fruit from birds and rats
    i developed strategy to stop disease attacks to fruit crop