Problem Solver

Addison Lanier

Addison Lanier

Areas Addison Lanier is Knowledgeable in:

I am helpful in conducting and nurturing solutions where they relate to humans on an emotional and physical level. I am helpful in simplifying physical objects, business conduct, and dysfunction in living and working spaces. I can create appealing products for complcated or hard to penetrate niches.

Techniques Addison Lanier Uses:

I acted as a consultant to redeem and simplify a leading online Crowd Source company's project that had stalled. My work was rapid and ingenious although it ran up against remote presentation factors I did not know of at the outset and was also on a strict budget. None the less I delivered great value for those who can recognize it I feel I better understand the pressures and pitfalls and other subtle factors in achieving successful solutions through Crowd Sourcing, for each future project I can help with. In addition to the many unique niche skills I have to apply - bring on the diversity!

Addison Lanier's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Space Saving and Cross Functional product design.

Addison Lanier's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I invented a folding Bicycle with a unique cable as a critical part of the frame and imbedded security device and compressed air in the frame, I prototyped it and began patenting and showed at the NYC Cycle Show. * Years later my cycle design was 'commandeered' and used to launch Europes current top designer cycle manufacturer (without credit to me). It became the "most media recognized cycle ever" according to this company. In 2010, on my own nickel I took it further presenting a future version involving integrated Cable, Air, Water and Light in the Seoul Cycle competition and was shortlisted - top 400 out of 3078 entries.