Problem Solver

Adegoroye Adetiloye

Adegoroye Adetiloye

Areas Adegoroye Adetiloye is Knowledgeable in:

physiology, biochemistry, biotechnology and mathematics

Techniques Adegoroye Adetiloye Uses:

Firstly, I know what the problem is
Secondly, collect information about the problem
Thirdly, know why the problem is a problem
Fourthly, Test the hypothesis
Fifthly, Involve others
Sixthly, draw a solution and conclusion
Lastly, Follow up my result.

Adegoroye Adetiloye's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. biochemistry, physiology, biotechnology and mathematics

Adegoroye Adetiloye's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I extracted a compound known to cure malaria from a plant using extracts.
    I diagnosed some critical diseases showing unusual symptoms.