Problem Solver

Adelle Dimalanta

Adelle Dimalanta

Areas Adelle Dimalanta is Knowledgeable in:

I would consider myself knowledgeable in the areas concerning education, advertising, and marketing. I say this because of my experience as a teacher and a daughter to an art director. I am particularly interested in creating change; with my surroundings and things I am involved with.

Techniques Adelle Dimalanta Uses:

One major problem solving technique that has helped me succeed is by ability to envision the end result. From small, physical improvements such as how a backyard would look with new landscaping, to larger scaled problems such as how to get a crowd to react a certain way.
Other techniques that I seem to use often is constant questioning, finding reasons for everything, and jotting down ideas and suggestions that come to mind.

Adelle Dimalanta's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. organized yet flexible, resourceful and creative, open minded yet attentive, cooperative and adaptable

Adelle Dimalanta's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed an operational protocol at my father's advertising agency, to eliminate confusion and increase communication between design and accounting departments.
  2. I improved on a delivery system within the school to eliminate overall envelope waste.
  3. I implemented a new routine into the elementary school lunch schedule to increase students' food consumption.
  4. I developed a filing system for a federally funded education program at the school site to assist with a more productive operation and paperwork flow