Problem Solver

Adewale Olowode

Adewale Olowode

Areas Adewale Olowode is Knowledgeable in:

lab science, science, chemical engineering

Techniques Adewale Olowode Uses:

Research, Analysis, Modeling, Formulation Chemistry, Lab experiment

Adewale Olowode's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Science - Development of hands-on activities for grade level students
  2. Engineering - Chemical - Material Balance using spreadsheet
  3. Mathematical modelling - Modelling of Iterative Equations

Adewale Olowode's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a demonstration experiment for electrolysis for grade level science
  2. I developed a math game for G6-12 and adults
  3. I developed a window netting support
  4. I developed a medicated soap for measles
  5. I developed a process to fossilize biological specimens for lab uses
  6. I developed a boil and whitlow treatment device
  7. I developed a disposable baby mouth brush