Problem Solver

Adow Auckhinleck, Kwame

Areas Adow Auckhinleck, Kwame is Knowledgeable in:

- Geography; development relating to Environment (Water & Sanitation issues); Education and Adult/Youth Literacy projects implementation; Project evaluation; Area Development Programming - relating to rural communities in developing countries.

Techniques Adow Auckhinleck, Kwame Uses:

- Research
- Rural Community Development
- Water & Sanitation
- Education & Adult Literacy

Adow Auckhinleck, Kwame's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. - Computer applications: MicroSoft Word, EXCEL, Powerpoint.
  2. - Research: research design, implementation, data entry & data analysis, research report development & publication
  3. - Project feasibility assessment and design, implementation and monitoring expertise
  4. - Data analysis softwares utilization: SPSS; EXCEL; EpiINFO
  5. - Project Evaluation expertise
  6. - Demographic data analysis expertise
  7. - Project funding proposal writing skills
  8. - Technical books development

Adow Auckhinleck, Kwame's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I have been in social research and developed the the Freedoms Platform Concept in Geography and Rural Development.
    - I have also developed the CASED Theory for assessing Contribution to Knowledge and Originality in PhD Thesis development.
    - I have published ten (10) peer-reviewed research papers and one book in my field of speciality.