Problem Solver

Agbor Smith

Agbor Smith
there is need for you to properly and specifically identify your problem(s) for subsequent suitable solutions in a manner that time can be well manage

Areas Agbor Smith is Knowledgeable in:

business communication strategies and marketing techniques,
personnel problems in organization
consumers product life cycle management

Techniques Agbor Smith Uses:

1door to door services to clients, after sales services and coupon issue as attach benefits
2 i advice on rural distribution outlets, agricultural shows and developmental workshop programs for farmers in rural areas.this technique worked because the major consumers of the the enterprise products are farmers and are located in rural areas.

Agbor Smith's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. competitive advantage strategies in business, marketing mix strategies,personnel management

Agbor Smith's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1CPA Cameroun an insurance company,faced the problem of insurance debt recovery procedure and the act of differed payment by debtors. i was hired as commercial counselor.
    2 ERICO $ SONS ENT. LIMBE. faced difficulties in sales of it feed products for animals such as pigs, birds, goats etc.i acted as production adviser.