Problem Solver

Ahmed Hembel

Areas Ahmed Hembel is Knowledgeable in:

automotive, mechanics, electronics.

Ahmed Hembel's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I use tools, I improvise them and I love them.
  2. Being a E.E student and being interested in M.E makes you an obvious roboticist. I took part in a national robotics competition
  3. The research on brain computer interfaces requires a lot of machine learning.
  4. This has always been my interest and I learned many things in M.E before undergrad so I am doing undergrad in E.E as I wanted t
  5. Medical devices are facing a revolution because of the advances in electronics research. That is where my part comes in. And my
  6. Being an engineering student and a hobbyist inventor, design is something where I always have to improvise and that is why I le
  7. I am engaged in a research on brain computer interfaces at RICe Lab, LUMS. This has a lot of applications in biomedical and nue
  8. I am an undergrad student in electrical engineering.
  9. I have been interested in cars since my childhood. I am a blogger about cars on