Problem Solver

Ahmed Kamel

Ahmed Kamel

Areas Ahmed Kamel is Knowledgeable in:

1) Colloidal, Polymer, and surface chemistry challenges as they relate to the food, beverages, and consumer products industry.
2) SKU rationalization.

Techniques Ahmed Kamel Uses:

The technique I use is mostly as follows:
1. extensive upfront analysis of the problem to be solved to determine the crux of the challenge.
2. Employ my skills or skills of the person(s) who can best resolve the problem.
3. Employ the best internal or external solution to resolve the problem.

Ahmed Kamel's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Due diligence
  2. Strategy Development
  3. Mentoring
  4. SKU Reduction and optimization
  5. Globalization
  6. Innovation Strategy linked to business strategy
  7. Effective leadership
  8. Problem solving
  9. Cross-cultural and interpersonal skills

Ahmed Kamel's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Resolved deterioration of beverage flavors resulting from exposure to sunlight by developing a plastic bottle with UV rays protection, collaboratively with the bottles supplier.
  2. - Determined that the quality of Cathode Ray tubes used in medical diagnostic equipment depends on the evenness of organic coatings on Phosphors particles.
  3. - Resolved the long term problem of beverage "rings" around the necks of plastic bottles by uncovering the leakage of oils from the PVC bottle caps.
  4. - Imparted attractive cooling effects to a chewing gum by applying a cooling compound used in shaving creams. This resulted in creating a new brand with annual sales exceeding $ 500 Millions.
  5. - Issued patents on the extremely challenging problem of encapsulating bleach powders in liquid automatic dish washing detergents.
  6. - Determined that the effectiveness of hard surface cleaners depends on precipitation by hard water cations (Ca++ and Mg++) more so than on low surface tension surfactants in the hard surface cleaner formulation.
  7. - Improved quality of papers and transparencies used with fast Ink Jet Color Copiers through the use of effective customized absorbing media.
  8. - Remineralized damaged teeth by using a milk-based compound extracted from cow's milk. Results were confirmed by a clinical test.