Problem Solver

Akbar Taromi

Akbar Taromi

Areas Akbar Taromi is Knowledgeable in:

civil engineering problems, mechanical problems, any type of problems.

Akbar Taromi's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. civil engineering softwares
  2. concrete, steel, finite element,
  3. mathematic
  4. mechanisms

Akbar Taromi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I used to work on thermal and mechanical analysis of concrete filled double skin steel tubular columns using Abaqus finite element software. three ISI articles are the consequences of my attempts in field.
  2. I designed a hair trimmer works with scotch yoke mechanism. its faster and more efficient than normal mechanisms.
  3. I developed a new building system which is extremely fast and easy. in this system we have used a lightweight concrete which is 6 times lighter than conventional concretes.