Problem Solver

Akuffo Patrick

Areas Akuffo Patrick is Knowledgeable in:

music, social research, communication, counselling, motivation, organising, public relation

Techniques Akuffo Patrick Uses:

analysing, finding facts, terms of reference, researching, testing and evaluation etc.

Akuffo Patrick's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. a musician and an instrumentalist and a sound engineer in studio works
  2. a researcher in social issues
  3. an educator and a counsellor
  4. a motivational speaker
  5. a graphic designer and computer literate
  6. an accountant and finance expert
  7. a nutritionist
  8. a public speaker and public relation officer

Akuffo Patrick's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i made a reserach on nuetrotransmiters and come out with a notes on depression and also did so mahy graphic designs based on colours.
  2. i developed a software for confirmation in church to be used by evangelical presbyterians
  3. i developed new techniques for music learning
  4. i built an ultinate electrical system to produce light.