Problem Solver

Al Blasing

Al Blasing

Areas Al Blasing is Knowledgeable in:

finance and accounting, human resource management, various research works, para-legal works and researches, teaching English subjects- in education, and any related works.

Techniques Al Blasing Uses:

in the first one, by searching on the annotated provisions of the procedures on executions, and pointing out specific technicalities for our favor, which are not found on the sheriffs handbook.

on the business of my employer, it was just by streamlining. - by reducing the fleet of old units, then replace them with just a few new ones.

Al Blasing's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. personnel training and policy implementaion
  2. sales and representaion
  3. documentation and traffic - transportation
  4. para-legal research
  5. lecturerer, teacher
  6. finance and administration
  7. human resource management
  8. various research
  9. farming thru cooperativism - agriculture
  10. self employed entrepreneur

Al Blasing's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I was able to save a business of my employer after it was about to foreclosed by streamlining the company's operation. It was a transportation business which would not be able to pay for its loans.
  2. when I was employed as a Para-legal Assistant, I was able to solve a problem in pursuing an execution of a won case, after the sheriffs were about to withdraw due to an intervention made by a co-defendant of the case.