Problem Solver

Alan Waite

Areas Alan Waite is Knowledgeable in:

Professional psychologist. Part time and passionate ideas man

Techniques Alan Waite Uses:

My principal strategy is to approach a problem like it's a cake that has a recipe I cannot see. I try to imagine ingredients are skills people have that they have yet to apply to that area, mechanisms or products that exist but have yet to be tailored to my need, coexisting services that have yet to complement one another etc. I then bake them together.
In terms of marketing, I like the self-perpetuating features of a good idea. My business is psychology and I know the most powerful method of spreading a message is to get the audience to do it for you. Again complementary features are particularly pleasing, say where an eco friendly idea is the aspect that gets the audience talking.

Alan Waite's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Professional psychologist (child and forensics speciality)

Alan Waite's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed and tested a national level novel psychological service for a multinational pharmacy company.
    I have consulted a number of multinational companies on novel marketing strategy and product development