Problem Solver

Alan Waite

Areas Alan Waite is Knowledgeable in:

pyschology is my profession, so I have a reasonable knowledge of the theories currently worked with. This often means there are not practical solutions, rather understandings for problems. I have a practical mind, however, one which always looks for solutions, the field of interest is not specific to a sector rather to practical problem solving.

Techniques Alan Waite Uses:

I find problem solving to be a favourite passtime, my technique goes no further than "can i think of a way to get around this?"

Alan Waite's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Professional psychologist, experience in cognitive testing, risk assesment, service design and psychotherapeutic intervention

Alan Waite's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am a professional psychologist with experience working with secure psychiatric inpatient services, forensic services, community mental health services, looked after children and learning disabilities. I have BPS psychometric testing training, as well as specific training in a number of psychotherapeutic approaches. I have worked in research with Shropshire and South Staffordshire NHS trust and in conjunction with the MET police service. i have been involved in the set-up of new services (NHS and local authority).
    Outside of my professional practice, i have designed an award winning new product for a large online retailer, i have designed a novel building structure that is currently being appraised by a large tool manufacturer and I am in the later stages of putting together a crowd funding campaign with Unicef for an ultra low cost method of providing foot protection to developing countries where shoes are prohibitivly expensive.