Problem Solver

Alcan Fernandes

Areas Alcan Fernandes is Knowledgeable in:

- material science
- IT solutions in particular
- to improve business processors
- data mining/ cleansing/ migration

Techniques Alcan Fernandes Uses:

- seek to understrand problem/requirement
- look(/research) with an open mind at possible solutions to address the problem or requirement
- develop protype/ review with client/ consider longer term impact

Alcan Fernandes's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. re-engineering business processes

Alcan Fernandes's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I developed improved and patented thermic cutting technologies using lasers and assist gas, whilst working at BOC.
    - I reviewed an existing business process at QAS and re-engineered/developed new process, that resulted in a 60% of Renewal sales being captured online, greatly reducing the operating cost to generate the sales.
    - At M&S I reviewed several internal processes and offered solutions to bring greater efficiency and productivity. The solutions are still in plave 6 years on.
    - Managed a major data migration/cosolidation project at M&S, due to budgets restraints, I ended up developing data extract and data migration processes using VB and MSExcel.