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Aldrin Mathew

Aldrin Mathew Aldrin Mathew was born on 23rd June 1998 in Palakkad, Kerala, India. He is an Author, Mathematician, Philosopher, Painter, 3D Artist, Part-time Photographer and does Independent Research in the fields of Physics, Psychology, Politics and Films. He published "TIME TRAVEL EXPERIENCES" on 27th January 2017, which is a Research Book about the Scientific Aspects of Time and Time Travel.......
His latest work is a Short-read named "FEAR IN INDIA: Citizenship Amendment Act" which is a Non Fiction Political Book about the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019 which denied Indian Citizenship to Illegal Muslim Immigrants, while granting Citizenship to other religious groups. The Book explains the bill and brings forward, various strategies behind it, that the public is unaware of.......

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