Problem Solver

Aleksandar Kovacevic

Aleksandar Kovacevic

Areas Aleksandar Kovacevic is Knowledgeable in:

Impact of operational risk (including soft and hard data) on balance sheet of an organization, geographical region and wider community. Preemptive action that can significantly reduce a negative impact of any type of Operational Risk, including Natural Hazards, Cyber, Fraud, AML, Non-Compliance and other.

Techniques Aleksandar Kovacevic Uses:

We have launched one of the world’s first Resilience Intelligence Platforms that provides real-time monitoring, profiling and online auditing of organisational resilience against any type of operational risk, including cyber. The platform delivers advanced appraisals to decision makers about the institution’s resilience posture and its ability to face adverse events or protracted business interruption. Most importantly, it allows management and regulators to understand how it may affect its financial position and reputation (long-tail risk). It continuously audits an organization's capacity to restore operation in an increasingly complex environment of co-dependent supply chains.

Aleksandar Kovacevic's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Intangible Asset Management
  2. Strategy
  3. Resilience Management
  4. Operational Risk mitigation
  5. Operational and Supply chain intelligence

Aleksandar Kovacevic's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed a patented Operational Risk mitigation platform, which is able to monitor exposures in real-time and are in stark contrast to current "annual" and "semi-annual" reviews. Platform is industry agnostic, however due to my professional background, we have started with Banking/Finance and Insurance/Reinsurance vertical. We are now also expanding into Government (regulation) and Infrastructure sector.