Problem Solver

Alessandro Gagliardini

Alessandro Gagliardini

Areas Alessandro Gagliardini is Knowledgeable in:

Hygiene, laundry, cosmetic markets and technologies
To a less extent food industry (e.g. sugar)

Techniques Alessandro Gagliardini Uses:

TRIZ (theory of inventive solving problem) / brainstorming / informal net of experts

Alessandro Gagliardini's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am author or co-author of 35 granted patents concerning products for hygiene market (e.g. diapers, feminine pads, incontinence products), laundry (e.g. detergents, bleach additives), chemistry (e.g. superabsorbent polymers synthesis)
  2. I am winner of 5 innocentive challenges concerning novel drug formulations, polymers for soil improvement, new materials for food processing, therapeutic suggestion for a rare disease, a novel coagulant for wastewater
  3. I am founder and technical director of a cosmetic company dealing with professional hair care products. We developed novel formulations for hair smoothing treatment and hair repair