Problem Solver

Alex Karpenko

Areas Alex Karpenko is Knowledgeable in:

Geophysics, signal processing, probability theory and mathematical statistics, differential geometry, linear algebra.

Techniques Alex Karpenko Uses:

For problem one was used:
- solving of inverse problems of mathematical physics;
- mathematical physics, differential equations;
- differential geometry;
- implementation of mathematical algorithms (C++98/11, MATLAB, Maple).

For problem two was used:
- Arduino development board;
- high pass filters;
- GPS, SD Card shields;
- three-component seismic receivers.

For problem three and four was used:
- probability theory and mathematical statistics.

For problem five was used:
- C++/STD14
- Linux, Android;
- bluetooth socket programming;
- VoIp stack;
- WebRTC.

Alex Karpenko's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. mathematical physics, differential equations
  2. C++98/11/14, Python, C#
  3. Android SDK/NDK
  4. OOP, OOD
  5. multithread (Lock-Free), socket programming
  6. Matlab, Maple
  7. probability theory and mathematical statistics, differential geometry, linear algebra

Alex Karpenko's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1. I developed the processing and interpretation of seismic data that the system has been used to develop oil and gas deposits in the corporation Naftogaz Ukraine.
  2. 2. I developed a system for collecting seismic information in the drilling process and a software module for determining the coordinates of the bottom of a well.
  3. 3. I developed a software module that computes best hold for a few video poker games.
  4. 4. I developed a math model of a slot games.
  5. 5. I developed VoIp/GSM gateway.