Problem Solver

Alex Min-Gyu Lee

Alex Min-Gyu Lee

Areas Alex Min-Gyu Lee is Knowledgeable in:

solving problems requiring knowledge in diverse fields including physics, geometry and advanced technologies.

Techniques Alex Min-Gyu Lee Uses:

classical and modern TRIZ + my neew methods with diagrams (see the paper section) + statistical data analysis + strategy

Alex Min-Gyu Lee's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Business and Technology Strategy
  2. 3D design & Prototyping
  3. TRIZ, theory of solving inventive problems
  4. Physics and Engineering (including Electronics, ICT and Optics)

Alex Min-Gyu Lee's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I executed and coached many (>130) R&D/innovation projects mostly on AMOLED Displays in Samsung (as the project leader and an engineer for most of the processes.)

    - I coached many (> 40) innovation projects for customers in industries including banking, ICT, power smartgrid etc as an IBM consultant

    - I consulted >300 innovation projects as a TRIZ consultant during (during 9 years) in various industries including mechanics/auto/semiconductor/display/ healthcare/energy/banking/materials etc.