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Alexander Kornich

Alexander Kornich Thermal management for LED fixtures:

1. R&D and design of Active Cooling System (ACS) on the base on innovative concept of original combination of heat sink (HS), fan (FAN) and Thermal Control Circuitry (TCC) granted by patent US 8070324

2. R&D and design of TCC for ACS as Active Cooling Module (ACM) granted by patent US 8896212

3. R&D and design of Light Emitting Diode Fixture With An Improved Thermal Control System, granted by patent US 8994273

4. Development of methodology “Determination the main thermal parameters of Cooling System (passive/active) on the base of experimental data (device under test) as Excel spread sheet.”

5. Development of methodology “Determination the main electrical-thermal-optical parameters of LED fixture on the base of experimental data (device under test) as Excel spread sheet ( LED operation modellng).”


LED light sources design:

I have collected a lot of valuable technical information for years of R&D, design and  prototyping in the LED lighting area;

in my professional portfolio I have

around 3200 .jpeg  files (as documented LED lighting prototyping),

500 .vsd files (as design drawing and schematics),

1400 .xls files (as Test Report), 450 .doc and .pdf files (as technical texts).

I worked with LED packages and COB of main manufacturers: NICHIA, CITIZEN, CREE, BRIDGELUX, SHARP and another.

Micro hydro power:

I have invented original mechanical prime mover powered by gravity force of flowing mass (including water) – Discrete Power Converter (DPC). The machine is operating in mechanical oscillation mode (as relaxation oscillator) unlike water wheel and provides symmetrical working strokes in vertical plane (also reversing rotation of horizontal shaft). DPC is able to execute various kind of useful work (pumping, pressing, cutting, mixing) under mechanical load without electrical energy.
DPC design

was recognized by Renewable Energy Society News as Award Winner 2014

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