Problem Solver

Amos Kakande

Amos Kakande

Areas Amos Kakande is Knowledgeable in:

- Machine Learning - Skilled in supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques like regression, classification, clustering, neural networks, and deep learning. Keep up-to-date on latest ML research and tools.

- Data Mining - Experienced with techniques like classification, clustering, regression, association rule learning to extract insights from complex datasets.

- Statistical Analysis - Expertise in statistical reasoning, modeling, significance testing, regression, experimental design, and techniques like ANOVA.

- Data Visualization - Skilled in creating visualizations and dashboards to clearly communicate insights from data analysis. Familiar with tools like Tableau, Power BI, matplotlib.

- Programming - Experienced in Python and R for data manipulation, analysis, modeling. Also competent in SQL, NoSQL, C/C++. Constantly learning new programming languages and frameworks.

Techniques Amos Kakande Uses:

- Asking questions - Asking probing questions to deeply understand the problem and goals.

- Defining the problem - Precisely defining the problem before jumping to solutions.

- Breaking it down - Decomposing a complex problem into smaller, simpler pieces.

- Considering different perspectives - Looking at the problem from different viewpoints to gain new insights.

- Researching - Researching existing solutions, data sources, methods that could be leveraged.

- Brainstorming - Generating ideas and possible solutions without judging initial viability.

- Prototyping potential solutions - Creating quick prototypes or mock-ups early to guide the development.

- Testing with data - Developing hypotheses and testing them with data through experiments or A/B testing.

- Iterating - Continuously iterate based on feedback and results to refine the solution.

- Debugging - Meticulously debugging errors and issues at each iteration.

- Critical thinking - Carefully analyzing assumptions, interpreting results, weighing tradeoffs.

- Creative thinking - Approaching problems from creative lenses to discover innovative solutions.

- Collaboration - Working collaboratively with others when needed to leverage diverse perspectives.

Amos Kakande's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Created a high-frequency trading algorithm that executed over $10B in transactions annually with peak speeds of 50K/sec.

    - Developed embedded software for spacecraft subsystems including guidance, navigation and control, with 100% reliability over 15 missions.

    - Designed anovel social robot able to recognize human emotions and facilitate personalized interactions, tested with over 500 users.

    - Led a medical devices team developing a portable dialysis machine, achieving FDA clearance and $50M in sales in 2 years.

    - Architected a globally distributed data analytics platform handling 300K events/sec with 99.999% uptime SLA.
  2. - Developed a machine learning algorithm that improved product recommendations on a major e-commerce site, increasing sales by 15%.

    - Led a team of engineers to create a new smartphone app that connects drivers and riders, launching it in 3 major cities within 9 months.

    - Created a new technique for analyzing genomic data that reduced processing time from 48 hours to 2 hours for whole genome sequencing.

    - Designed and implemented a cloud-based customer relationship management system for a startup, enabling them to scale from 100 to 10,000 customers in 2 years.

    - Developed a novel process for synthesizing biodegradable plastics from plant materials, filing 2 patents.