Problem Solver

Amy Rhodes

Amy Rhodes

Areas Amy Rhodes is Knowledgeable in:

My expertise is mainly within child development which includes basic psychology, barriers which occur and result in special educational needs and in teaching approaches. I also have knowledge of a range of musical genres from classical to hip-hop through my own experience of playing in various orchestras and groups and through collborating with a music producer. I use movement and dance to teach music (the Orff apporach).

Techniques Amy Rhodes Uses:

-divergent thinking (mind-mapping to make connections)
-reading around similar problems outside of the field/ listening to podcasts
- sketching

Amy Rhodes's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. classroom environment
  2. pedagogy
  3. child development
  4. well being

Amy Rhodes's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I have been instrumental in 'marketing' our values at school through the use of a logo, a name and by advertising impact on the website
  2. - I put together a new personalised assessment system to implement the new Code of Practice for children with SEND
  3. - I redesigned a space at school to improve the well being of children with extreme behaviour