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Anatoli Nikouline

Anatoli Nikouline
Anatoli Nikouline, CEO and oil and gas well slotting perforation professional service engineer at Maxxwell Production.

Author of patents in the hydro-slotting perforation technology:

US 8240369 B1 (Slot-perforating system for oil, gas and hydro-geological wells) from August 14, 2012.

US 0105163 A1 (Method of opening productive formation and a working fluid) from May 2, 2013.

US 8863823B1 (Universal underground hydro-slotting perforation system, controlled by working fluid pressure, for activation and intensification of gas, oil and hydro-geological wells) from October 21, 2014.

Author of computer programs for “calculation of gas and oil residual reserves by method of cumulative production”, and “calculation of technological parameters for hydro-slotting perforation process”.

Author of several scientific articles in science geology about oil and gas production intensification by hydro-slotting perforation method (Wikipedia including).

Engineer since 1998. Moscow mechanical engineering academy (Automation and complex mechanization of machine construction, industrial robots and manipulators). Bachelor’s degree. engineer diploma evaluation by University of Toronto (Canada) in 2006. Certified engineering technologist (C.E.T.) since 2007 Ontario (Canada).

Member of Ontario association of certified engineering technicians and technologists (OACETT) (Ontario, Canada) by disciplines: mineral resources & metallurgy; mining; geology (geological); electronics; electrical.

Member of society of petroleum engineers (United States), SPE professional membership.
Member of Saskatchewan applied science technologists and technicians (SASTT) (Saskatchewan, Canada). SASTT professional membership.

Member of United Inventors association of America (UIA) (United States).

Took part in the project for construction the oil-sand ultrasonic separation machine (Alberta, Canada).

Since 2008 took part in all re-completion oil and gas well’s projects in the United States (California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New York, Montana, Pennsylvania, Texas) and Canada (Saskatchewan).

Anatoli Nikouline's patents:

US82403691 Slot-perforating system for oil, gas and hydro-geological wells
US88638231 Universal underground hydro-slotting perforation system, controlled by working fluid pressure, for activation and intensificati