Problem Solver

Andrea Buffa

Areas Andrea Buffa is Knowledgeable in:

Chemistry, chemical engineering, winemaking, analytical chemistry, gypsum wallboard manufacture, multivariate statistics

Techniques Andrea Buffa Uses:

1) Definition of the problem
2) finding causes
3) Thinking solutions
4) selecting best ideas

Andrea Buffa's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. industrial process analysis
  2. R&D chemistry
  3. winemaking

Andrea Buffa's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Gypsum wallboard manufacture
    I participate to the start up of a gypsum wallboard manufacture plant as process and quality assurance manager. I helped developing and improving the production process control software. I performed many changes in the production process to improve time and cost efficiency. I developed the formulations of all products.
  2. Winemaking
    production of white, rosè, sparkling and red wines. I found solutions for making wine in non-ideal conditions when the equipment was missing or broken.
  3. Chemistry
    I developed an electrochemical technique to deposit sulfur on carbon nanotubes for Li-S batteries.
    I developed a flow electrochemical cell based on carbon nanotubes for eater analysis and treatment