Problem Solver

Andrew Aker

Andrew Aker
Be ready to be surprised by unexpected yet simple and cost-effective solutions!

Areas Andrew Aker is Knowledgeable in:

optics, engineering, human relations, China, brand building

Techniques Andrew Aker Uses:

Lateral Thinking, Beginning at the End, Parallel Development, De Bono's Thinking Caps, Imaginative Visualization, Meditation

Andrew Aker's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. fiber optic lighting
  2. electroluminscent products
  3. photoluminescent products
  4. color contrasting
  5. optical illusions
  6. educational training through games
  7. brand building
  8. marketing
  9. mechanical engineering
  10. smart design

Andrew Aker's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I worked with "Company's Coming" in Canada for managing sourcing and R&D for their book displays made in China. I communicated with Chinese engineers and factory owners to make sure that high quality product was delivered on time.
  2. Managed projects with Schrade and Smith and Wesson knives being sourced, developed and made in China. I used photoshop to draw new designs, as well as drove down the price whilst assuring high quality and timely product delivery. Some jobs included engineering my own blade mechanisms.
  3. Worked with Hinkler Books out of Australia to help them innovate a Dora the Explorer molded plastic art kit and backpack / suitcase. I saved in cost and ease of use by modeling the handle locking mechanism like that of the mech used in modern medical crutches. I also innovated a magnetic solution for a book that sticks to the refridgerator. Another project included engineering a glow worm book using LEDs and fiber optics. Another project required me to make a mechanism that would allow the reader of the book to control two human looking eyes that were set into the book in a full range of natural motion.
  4. I invented and got a patent pending on a fiber optic invention that uses UV LEDs and photoluminescent skin with Phunky Publications out of Australia
  5. Created and implemented a production tracking system for a company exporting Disney Ceramic Tableware to more than 30 countries. Also did the same for the R&D and sourcing departments.
  6. Created kids educational games for a product called "The notetaker" which digitally records and converts handwritten notes.
  7. Created a fiber optic replacement for neon lighting. ( Still looking for a serious customer to take this idea on )
  8. Created a curriculum for Scooby Doo English training courses in shenzhen, China. This curriculum is good for students with all kinds of learning modalities. We focus on the five senses of the brain, and combine that with TPR, the Pimsleur Method, and NLP.
  9. Created a marketing and sales / promotion plan for TQGlobal Design Company in Shenzhen
  10. Have mediated between angry westerns and Chinese factories countless times. It is a matter of understanding the culture.