Problem Solver

Andrew Dougherty

Andrew Dougherty

Areas Andrew Dougherty is Knowledgeable in:

Natural Language Processing, Multi-Agent systems, Computer Science, AI Planning

Techniques Andrew Dougherty Uses:

AI, mathematics, computer science.

Andrew Dougherty's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. AI
  2. Perl
  3. Prolog
  4. Lisp
  5. Emacs
  6. Debian

Andrew Dougherty's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a stovepiping AI system to retrieve, create an ontology, and package software semiautomatically for Debian GNU+Linux.
  2. I have written a program called the Free Life Planner that uses the Cyc representation to model a persons situation in life and help them manage logistics of food, inventory, temporal planning, financial, etc. It is available currently as a website and has a functioning Alexa interface and will hopefully soon be available to clients worldwide.
  3. I created a system much like called POSI (POSI Open Source Initiative). It enabled teamwork by skills matchmaking.