Problem Solver

Annette Badger

Areas Annette Badger is Knowledgeable in:

Language; English; Grammar;

Techniques Annette Badger Uses:

I gather as much pertinent information as possible and then step back and look at the big picture, including processes, players and end goal. Through applying logic, trial and error and continual feedback from all parties, I formulate the best possible solution with the resources available to result in the end goal or a result more desirable than the original goal. At all times, I remain flexible, intuitive and humble because "no man/woman is an island". Problem solving is a fluid process and can have many variables.

Annette Badger's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. MBA;Business,Legal,Finance;BA Linguistiscs;Teacher K-8,English, Algebra,ESL;Proofreading;Editing;

Annette Badger's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I created/drafted legal documents which are attached to my companies commercial leases to ensure compliance and manage risk.
    -I created and implemented procedures to make operations of tenant coordination more efficient and which disseminate necessary information to all parties involved.