Anwar Mirza

Anwar Mirza
a) MBA (Master in Business Administration) CSU Antigua WI.
b) B.E. (Electrical Technology) UET Lahore Pakistan.
c) Business Plan pro. CBT on “Successful Business Plans”.
d) Satellite Communications, Completed a self-study course by IEEE USA.

Other self-study courses:
e) Business Management concept to completion.
f) Successful Proposal Strategies (winning Government, Private sector, and International Contracts. By Robert S. Frey London.
g) Future Talk (the changing wireless game) IEEE USA.
h) Wireless and Personal communication systems. IEEE USA.
i) Writing & speaking in Technology Professionals. IEEE USA.
4. Research papers.
o Reasons for Japanese success and failure.
o Success and failure of business units in Saudi Arabia.
o Research paper on development plan for 3rd world countries model country JAPAN