Problem Solver

arshiya nousheen

please have patience because every problem on this earth has come with its own solutions its on us to discover them,apply and dont wait for anything start exploring the world.i am here to help you out and hopefully will give you the best solutions

Areas arshiya nousheen is Knowledgeable in:

computer science,chemistry,computer graphics,programming languages

Techniques arshiya nousheen Uses:

lateral approach to solve problems,a broad perspective,finding defferent ways to solve a single problem,choosing the best among all of them

arshiya nousheen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. doing my engineering in computer science at present
  2. good in the fields specified above
  3. have been the best student in school
  4. my lateral thinking is good enough for difficult problems
  5. i am a good debetant,an engineer in computer science
  6. i think any problem given to me can be solved in different perspective

arshiya nousheen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. have been part of many projects in my college some of which was to build a wifi network in our college,lan networks in every department,and easy library access through computers