Problem Solver

Asmaa Ali

Areas Asmaa Ali is Knowledgeable in:

I have many passions and undying interests, as per all my assertions above.

Techniques Asmaa Ali Uses:

I am an avid and adept researcher who never stops till all the answers are found. I like to modestly call myself a scientist with the career of discovering all there is to know about the universe and what lies beyond.

Asmaa Ali's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Science: I have a masters of science in psychology and continue to do research to retain and further expand my knowledge.
  2. Solar and space technologies: I am humbly becoming an expert on how the universe works and on issues such as dark matter/energy
  3. Familiar with all manners of the telecommunication industry and its history since the Morse Code.
  4. Vastly familiar with all manners of consumer goods through my business as a quality and compliance inspector and customer servi
  5. Safety: I am licensed under the ministry of public safety and correctional services.
  6. Familiar with all manners of transportation and the laws and mechanisms surrounding them, from small vehicles to buses, trains,
  7. Politics: very familiar with the spectrum of government structures that exist globally and their various structures, in additio
  8. Research: I am a professional private investigator and research is basically what I do for a living. Very strong research skill
  9. Publishing: I am a professional desk-top publisher and self-published all my books, which can be printed or found online. I am
  10. Legal matters and the law are a big forte of mine. I understand everything that has anything to do with law. In fact, I hold a
  11. The media is a big part of my research about truth and the way things really are. News networks, Hollywood and the entertainmen
  12. Interpersonal relationships: with a Masters of Science in Psychology, I know a lot about the way humans communicate.
  13. Hospitality is part of my business as a quality inspector and private investigator.
  14. Internet: spent three full years learning about the internet, which ended me up as a competent webmaster with the ability to fi
  15. Healthcare: a strong background and interest in healthcare makes me a non-stop researcher on the subject. My area of concentrat
  16. Government: a strong family background in politics makes me harbor a serious interest in history and politics. My research in t
  17. Genetics is a recent interest of mine which I found highly valuable and interesting. In fact, besides language, this field migh
  18. Environment is one of my interests in life, and I do a tremendous amount of research on the subject to uncover hidden truths ab
  19. Employment: Very familiar with all facets of the 'employment' industry and how it works, even on the legal level.
  20. Education: I worked as a teacher and have an appreciation of the field of education and its relevance in life. Teaching and Ph.
  21. I recently unraveled the entire mystery behind food (what I call Eureka!) and learned it all through a diploma in health and co
  22. Earth Sciences: Huge interest in planet earth and all its sciences, including natural phenomena and various trends, since the b
  23. Very familiar with all types of cosmetics on the market, from foundations to lipsticks to primers and concealers etc.
  24. Design: I am an artist from birth and a webmaster with great web development and graphic design ability.
  25. Excellent Language and Communication skills (author of 10 books). Also a professional linguist with two languages.
  26. Writing and Editing: professional editor and translator/interpreter.

Asmaa Ali's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have excelled and developed a specialty in solving the tough cases that have remained unsolved throughout history. They are numerous and I believe that I have found solutions to most of them. Generally, these are the tough dilemmas concerning how the world began, dinosaurs, the meaning and beginning of the four seasons, religious and spiritual phenomena, Darwinian Evolution theory (big), The Big Bang, and Quantum physical phenomena related to the symmetry of the universe, among many. My research has led me to innovate lots of new ideas, tools, and methods that did not exist before. I am currently considering patenting some of my findings.
  2. Currently working on trying to solve the mother-child bond issues to see if their love could be measured and if so, how. This includes questions about breastfeeding and extra maternal love for the first-born.
  3. I have thoroughly researched cloning and arrived at numerous relevant truths that the public had no idea about. My research led me to the global pyramid of power and I became, in effect, a public conspiracy theorist.
  4. I have unearthed a wealth of information regarding the mythical lost city of Atlantis and its origin and current location. All the evidence I unearth is fully backed up by data.
  5. I have uncovered lots of shocking hidden truths concerning the 9/11 attacks and even the crash of the Titanic.