Problem Solver

Bahram Borgheai

Techniques Bahram Borgheai Uses:

1-breaking the whole problem to little ones, getting different strategies for
solving each, one using present algorithms with only customization to the local data, and some other innovating new methods to process
2- gathering satisfactory data and characterize it as test an training data

Bahram Borgheai's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. skilled web user
  2. Game developer, project manager of 4 games and designer of 2
  3. Bachelor of electrical engineering (electronics)
  4. 5 years experience in telecommunication system integration an design
  5. Master of biomedical engineering (image processing)
  6. creative in marketing analysis
  7. expert in Persian music, player of Setar and Tanbur

Bahram Borgheai's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed two image processing system :
    Film restoration systems (for old archived movies)
    and Persian OCR