Problem Solver

Baiba Rozenberga

Baiba Rozenberga

Areas Baiba Rozenberga is Knowledgeable in:

Blockchain & FinTech
Governmental affairs
Innovations and New Business development

Techniques Baiba Rozenberga Uses:

I have my system, but I am familiar with most of the methods used, from - Six thinking hats, The Lightning Decision Jam, to FMEA.

Baiba Rozenberga's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Game Theory, Probability theory
  2. Financial analysis/ modeling
  3. Business analysis, Strategic Planning
  4. Legal Analysis
  5. Negotiation tactics

Baiba Rozenberga's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Negotiation tactics
    Business “hostage” situation negotiations – Ex-board member refused to return "a tool", crucial for further operations of the company, demanding a ransom, which the company could not afford to pay. The total estimated loss ~- around 3 million EUR.
    • Analyzed and established the baseline behavior of the person, he’s motives, intentions, and options.
    • Chose negotiation tactics.
    • Executed the negotiations.
    Negotiation period of 3 weeks. Case settled, 0 EUR paid in ransom. Nondisclosure agreement signed between both sides.
  2. Financial analysis/Modeling
    Cost-Benefit Analysis for 20 years period for the project - Development of the infrastructure of the National Biomedical Research and Study Center for the strengthening of research and technology transfer capacities in the fields of biomedicine and biotechnology.
  3. Probability theory, Game theory, Legal Analysis:

    Developed 2 court strategies, when the win-win situation was not possible, to choose the smallest loss strategy. Analyzed the legal framework, opponents' behavior, decisions made by the court in the last 10 years in similar cases, Developed several hypothesizes and scenarios. Both times chose to avoid settlement and to allow the opponent to sue the company, won both cases.
  4. Business Analysis:
    Determination of the most economically advantageous use of a state-owned property. Three alternatives were analyzed.
  5. Strategic planning, Functionality planning, Legal Analysis:
    Developed a blockchain functionality strategy and tokenomics for 2 tokens. One of the tokens is considered asset backed-up stablecoin, but does not qualify as a security according to the financial market regulations in EU.
    • Legally audited - approved (not considered E-money, company does not qualify as Credit institution, is not SEC regulated)
    • Business model approved in 4 jurisdictions by National Banks and Financial regulators.