Balaji Choudaboyina

Balaji Choudaboyina

 trained many students to speak fluently in English within 30 sessions.

 designed the curriculum for individuals based on their level of English Language skills

 maintained rapport with the students during the course

 got positive feedback from students for the quality of Spoken English training.

 gained goodwill among the students who enrolled and got my self-employed business thrived by many

of my own students’ referrals after their achievements in English Language skills

Technical Skill-set:

 Having good Knowledge of MS. Office, Outlook.


 I trust in my skills that will give the best results for myself and others

 I read the student’s mind and his readiness in learning English and strive for the motivational and

instructional efforts towards primary purpose of his learning English speaking.

 I can make the student feel confident with the improvement he observes in the training I usually

provide for the end-end results.

 I can tailor the course design and enhance the learner experience in a positive manner according to the

needs of student.