Problem Solver

Bob St.John

Areas Bob St.John is Knowledgeable in:

Medical Devices
Plastics and Plastics Processing

Techniques Bob St.John Uses:

Prototype manufacture and physical test challenges.
Analytical Design review.
In vivo Lab testing.
Risk analysis and risk mitigation determination.
ISO Test requirement test design, fixture development and text execution.

Bob St.John's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Injection Molding Design
  2. Plastics Morphology and Processing Techniques
  3. Catheter Design and Materials
  4. Medical Device Manufacturing Procedure Writing
  5. Plastics Extrusion design and Processing
  6. Wire and Fiber Braiding
  7. Catheter Reinforcement Design and Manufacture
  8. Medical Device Design and Development
  9. Packaging Design and Testing
  10. In vitro and in vivo test development and execution
  11. Medical Device Manufacturing Process and Equipment

Bob St.John's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed a flexible reinforced tube for a water jet surgical cutting tool that could operate at pressures in excess of 25,000 PSI
  2. Developed a line of disposable coronary by-pass cannulae with optimal clarity and air handling capabilities.
  3. Developed a patented steerable catheter introducer having two distinct co-planar steering points.