Problem Solver

Brad Macdonald

Areas Brad Macdonald is Knowledgeable in:

Office environment, farming, railroading, business, environment, problem solving and all lifes other little problems. I find that just by having people open up and let their thoughts wander it will sometimes surprise everyone. I am very adept at getting people to relax and put in their two cents worth.

Techniques Brad Macdonald Uses:

In my line of work I most deal with a wide variety of situations. When discussing people's finances you must learn to walk a fine line with their specific needs and desires always kept in mind. Yet the they must be made to understand all aspects of the situation. In past positions I have managed 50 plus employees and their personalities. Working in a 24 7 work environment and with all the added aspects of the job it's. At one of my positions I implemented customer ordering directly into our main frame. Thereby allowing them to input them without us intervening. It cost over one million to upgrade the system to allow them access. I also eliminated four jobs in the process, one of them mine.

Brad Macdonald's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Problem solving has always been a great strength of mine. Thinking our of the box, so to speak allows new and ften fresh persp
  2. Having lived on my own for many years I've made all my own customer purchases
  3. Owning a various businesses, coupled with my business degree has given me many skills in marketing
  4. born and raised on a large mixed farm
  5. have owned and repaired many brands of autos
  6. Having worked in the railroad industry in various postiions for many years, I've encountered most delimas that could present th

Brad Macdonald's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I grew up on a large mixed farm and we repaired our own machinery and grew all types crops. We raised cattle, horses, goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits and of course all our dogs and cats we had. I went on to obtain a business degree and have operated my own Finance Company for the last few years. Throughtout my life I have been a consumer and picky one at that. I habve learned to market a few products from the initial stage through to inception. I worked for a railway for many years in various departments and have vast knowledge of that industry.