Problem Solver

Bradley Acopulos

Areas Bradley Acopulos is Knowledgeable in:

Socio-economic solutions for the poor and lower middle classes. Conflict resolution.

Techniques Bradley Acopulos Uses:

Intuition, logic, and creativity. trial and error. some sort of innate vision, I can't really say for sure. I just know that for every problem there is a solution and for every solution there has to be invention.

Bradley Acopulos's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. master carpenter/furniture maker from recycled and discarded materials and broken furniture

Bradley Acopulos's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed and patented a multi purpose framing and measuring devise that allows user to frame and measure all angles and unusual space requirements with absolute accuracy and to plumb and level at the same time.
  2. Beach erosion. several years ago I developed a water baffle system to prevent the dune in front of a house that was in the final stages of being moved back off the dune. While it was still on its' temporary cribbing, the tide surges were coming back in, and the cutting action of the waves began to cut out the dune in front of the house. There remained the pilings from where the house once sat, and there was all the decking from the house around. So I cut the decking into 6 feet by 8 feet lengths, approximately. and placed the structure up against the pilings at roughly 30 degrees perpendicular and 30 degrees off the direction of the wave action. The result was astounding. The waves, as I had hoped, ran into the angled decking and shot straight up into the air, defusing the cutting action of the waves power and in the process, depositing all the sand that the waves were moving to that point. The house was saved and to this day, the dune in from of that house stands today.
  3. A solution, invention I came up with, was for houses in zones that have persistent natural disasters. Hydrollic Actuated Vertical Elevation Systems(H.A.V.E.S). This system would allow all houses to be lifted and or lowered into the ground or above the foundation to either avoid flood waters, or lowered into the ground foundation cavity to avoid tornados, hurricanes, forest fires, etc. While this may add to the cost of building in the short run, it would save home owner and the government alike and save on the emergency repairs and new homes for displaced people. This would also be great for earthquake zones as well.