Problem Solver

Bradley Shanrock-Solberg

Areas Bradley Shanrock-Solberg is Knowledgeable in:

Data driven decision making. Asking the right question, determining if data available can answer it, how expensive/difficult to fill gaps in information if it can't answer it, making sure the answer to the question is useful in taking positive action.

Techniques Bradley Shanrock-Solberg Uses:

Question Analysis, Data analysis and cleansing, Design of Experiment, Statistical Analysis, Statistical Process Control, Failure Point Analysis, Black Box Analysis. Focus is more on solving the right problem than building a perfect model.

Bradley Shanrock-Solberg's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Six Sigma Blackbelt
  2. Full stack data scientist including but not limited to question analysis, data analysis and cleansing, instrumenting systems fo
  3. Fluent in R programming, SQL, many shell scripting languages, Rusty but competent in Visual Basic, can pick up more as needed
  4. Competent in all Office products, their Google equivalents and Alteryx

Bradley Shanrock-Solberg's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developed a model to predict the pricing environment of the grease/fats/oil markets to determine when it was a good time to stockpile extra inventory vs keeping a minimum supply.
  2. Scaled a phonebank in the 2016 presidential elections from a dozen callers a week to hundreds in a day, mostly by working out how to teach volunteers (mostly older and not tech literate) how to fix most of the problems themselves and used a metaphor appropriate to their experience to understand how the phonebank software behaved.
  3. Developed and deployed a software quality system sophisticated enough to blend departments using both agile and waterfall methodologies in the same project, comply with SOX regulations, involve rollouts with groups scattered across the globe and quantify the testing required to get to a zero defect production rollout.
  4. Designed and deployed message based interface at a multinational manufacturing company that allowed any application to talk to any other application with the app developer only needing to know how to drop a file into a directory or write SQL to a table. This infrastructure was used basically unchanged for nearly 20 years after deployment.
  5. Developed "shock wave" model of freeway traffic jams using speedometer, stopwatch, video footage and 1980s era PCs.
  6. Won a boardgame tournament after less than a year of serious play by a combination of determining a flaw in bidding strategy and creating tools to simulate playing the game solitaire much faster than humans could play in person, acquiring a base of expertise that held up against the world's best players.