Problem Solver

Bree Diana

Bree Diana

Areas Bree Diana is Knowledgeable in:

Self-Empowerment and Improvement -- Self Actualisation
Positive Child Care/Development
Woman Empowerment
Issues pertaining to Health and Wellness
Problem Solving / Lateral Thinking
Philosophy, Spirituality, Psychology

Techniques Bree Diana Uses:

* look at a problem from as many angles as possible eg. what does this problem truly mean for the sufferer, the person who wants the problem solved, me- the solver, the layman, etc.
* acknowledge, but try not to be boxed in by the current manner of seeing/dealing with the problem
* zoom in and out as needs be. Sometimes problems are not solved because you are looking at them at the wrong "level". You need to either tighten your focus or broaden it. Neither approach is more superior as one or the other may be necessary to solve any given problem
*simplify! Usually even the most enormous problem can be broken down into basic principles. The most simple things can have extremely powerful results. Complexity isn't necessarily intelligent. Often after finding a solution, it seems as if a child should have been able to do it
*plan solutions for foreseeable future issues BEFORE they occur

Bree Diana's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Born problem solver. I see patterns and solutions where others don't.

Bree Diana's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am the one called upon when things don't make sense...