Problem Solver

Brenda Lydia Akinyi

Brenda Lydia Akinyi

Areas Brenda Lydia Akinyi is Knowledgeable in:

Mental health,

Techniques Brenda Lydia Akinyi Uses:

Describe, Analysis,listing out possible solutions , working with the best promising solutions

Brenda Lydia Akinyi's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Counselling psychologist, researchers, experimenter, industrial psychologist, biopsychologist, development psychologist, human

Brenda Lydia Akinyi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. l also found a good strategy to make the employed people in a company to increase their productivity and agility while working
  2. Currently researching on how to fights Alzheimer's disease either through vaccination or treatment
  3. l researchedon a way to produce more cooking oil locally and built up a strategy to produce more oil locally,to curb it's high prices,and to decrease shortage due to the Ukraine and Russia war,